The Luggable Loo Emergency Toilet

Luggable Loo Review

One concern that often gets overlooked during planning, but quickly becomes apparent during emergency situations is dealing with household toilets that do not work. This could be due to a shortage of water, so flushing is not possible. Or, there could also be a disruption of the sewer system, so that the flushes do not have anywhere to go…but up. Either way, it is a good idea to have an option available that does not involve ducking down behind the ornamental shrubs at the edge of your backyard. These disaster related plumbing issues tend to affect everyone in an area, so walking next door to ask your neighbors if you can stink up their bathroom probably won’t work, since they are likely having the same problem. Also, chamber pots have gone out of style and no one would ever look at the large stock pot from under the kitchen sink quite the same way again, if you had to make due.  

An easy and inexpensive fix for emergency bathroom needs is the Luggable Loo portable five gallon toilet. The Loo is made up of a bucket that serves as the base, with a seat that snaps on to the rim and a hinged lid that folds shut to cover the top. There is also a wire bail type carry handle, which folds down out of the way. All of the parts work pretty well to serve their expected purpose. The lid closes to help manage odors and keep flies from visiting when the toilet is not in use. The seat is not huge, but does give you a functional place to sit and …read. Finally, the bucket serves as both a sturdy base and a place to hold the fruits of your labors.

Reliance Products makes Double DoodieWaste Bags and Bio-Blue Toilet Deodorant as accessory items to go with this product. Although these are convenient, they are not required consumables. A trash bag works just as well for a liner and two can be used if a extra layer of protection seems like a good idea. To keep odors under control, add a scoop of cat litter to the toilet after each visit. If cat litter is not available, borrow a scoop of dirt from the flower garden. When the Luggable Loo is not in use, the empty bucket is a great place to store a handful of trash bags and a few rolls of toilet paper, zipped up in a freezer bag. A second freezer bag, with hand sanitizer and other bathroom oriented products, would easily fit inside the Loo, as well. This way, everything for your emergency toilet needs is already packed together and ready to go, whenever you are…ahem… ready to go. Just make sure to replace the supply of toilet paper in the Loo, when you forget to pick some up at the store have to raid your emergency preparedness stash. 



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