Emergency File Backup – Help Your Data Survive a Disaster

The data saved on most household computers is more valuable and difficult to replace than the computer itself. It is not uncommon for people to do their banking, taxes and even run a family business off of their home desktop or laptop. Home computers often house the music, movie collections and family photos that used to take up space on living room shelves. This is why you need to start creating your emergency file backup...

Polar Pure – What You Need To Know

Polar Pure has been prized for years as an almost foolproof water treatment option. The little brown bottle is a common sight in backpacks everywhere, largely due to the low cost and almost endless shelf life.

Buying A Suppressor

Buying A Suppressor – What To Look For

Shopping for a suppressor can be challenging. There are more new designs and different choices on the market now that ever. But, knowing what to consider will make it easier to pick from among all the new technology and sometimes complicated options when buying a suppressor.

Scrubba Review – The Packable Washing Machine

On any multi-day trip away from home, one of the concerns is packing enough clothing to meet everyone’s needs. Although not the heaviest item in a pack, the bulk of multiple pairs of socks,¬†underwear, shirts and pants can quickly become a problem when dealing with limited space. Even when backpacking with just the bare basics, having a clean pair of socks to put on every day goes a long way in helping to prevent blisters...

SmartPhone Battery Backups

Whether you are out on the trail or hunkered down in your basement during a storm, today’s latest smartphones can serve as a news provider, compass, GPS, music/movie player, communications hub, weather channel and more. But, all of these features quickly come grinding to a halt when the battery gauge on your smartphone counts down to 0% . Fortunately, the market is flooded with choices for smartphone battery backup devices.

Magpul X22 Stock Review

Magpul Hunter X-22 Review

Ruger’s 10/22 rifle has been a mainstay of rimfire shooters for the last fifty years. This simple design is the first rifle in the hands of many youngsters, while other folks will customize it to the point that there are no Ruger made parts remaining. However, with many non-youth shooters, a common complaint with the 10/22’s design is ergonomic issues with the factory stock. The short length, lack of any adjustment and a barrel band...

Magpul Bipod

Magpul M-LOK Bipod Review

One of rifle shooting’s well-known secrets is that the closer to the ground you get, the easier it becomes to shoot accurately. This is a big part of the reason why many precision long guns wear a bipod. The new Magpul Bipod is the latest choice available, with a surprising number of features for the money.

Sightmark Ultra Shot

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec LQD Reflex Sight Review

The Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec LQD Reflex Sight has clearly been designed with close range shooting in mind, likely by someone holding an AR15. It has the solid feel of a well-built optic, straightforward controls, and a competitive price point. In our testing, multiple shooters found it intuitive and easy to use.

Water Storage for Emergencies

Emergency water storage is often the first step on the road towards better preparedness. The FEMA recommendations, which should be thought of as a bare minimum, are at least one gallon per person per day, with a two week supply on hand. Since most Americans use between 100 and 200 gallons a day in non-emergencies, it is easy to need even more water storage.

Kaw Valley AR Dimpling Jig Review

  When building an AR15, attaching the gas block to the barrel is often one of the most challenging tasks. The idea of taking a drill to a brand new barrel can be more than a little disconcerting. The Kaw Valley Precision AR-15 Gas Block Dimpling Jig takes the stress out of the process of dimpling a barrel for set screw gas blocks.