Kinect QD MLOK Mount Review


The evolution of mounting accessories on weapon systems could be charted as duct tape to rails then KeyMod and now MLOK. All the other options still exist, but MLOK is growing in popularity quite quickly. Now, Kinetic Development Group has come up with the latest advancement in this system with their Kinect QD mounts.


KDG currently offers five different versions of this mount:  a three slot single mount, seven slot dual mount, angled universal offset mount, an offset mount specifically for the Surefire Scout and one for Harris bipods. We have the first three of these models on hand. Although they are all different sizes, what they have in common is the same attachment method.


All of the Kinect rails have two “trigger pins” on the back side of the mount. The trigger pins are part of the locking assembly, which is duplicated on each end of the part. When the mount is correctly aligned with the MLOK slot and pressed into place, the trigger pins are depressed, which release spring loaded locking wedges.


The release plungers for removing the mounts are on each end, next to the locking wedges. In the dark, the extended plungers provide a tactile way to make sure that a mount is securely locked on both ends. It does take a bit of effort to release the wedges, so accidentally knocking a Kinect mount loose should be pretty rare. The locking wedges are designed with an angle that lets them work with a variety of different manufacturers’ rail systems. One caveat here is that the mounts are designed to work with aluminum rails. Polymer setups might not work without modification if they are thicker than 0.125″, which was the original spec that Magpul created for MLOK. We tested the Kinect QD three slot rail mount on the new Magpul Hunter stock and it was perfectly functional. That said, the lockup was not as solid as with a metal rail, just due to the flexible nature of polymer.


The Kinect QD units that we tested on a Midwest Industries M-Series handguard locked up just as solidly as a standard Magpul screw type mount. The real usefulness of Kinect mounts is that  they can be easily moved between different firearms, so a two or three hundred dollar accessory can now service multiple platforms.  What these QD mounts bring to the table is to keep any weapon system that uses MLOK slots as handy and lightweight as possible by keeping accessories that aren’t needed at the moment in a pouch or pack. Quickly attaching a bipod or weapon light now just takes seconds to line up the Kinect mount and click it into place. Kinetic Development Group has a very well executed design in the Kinect QD mounts that can both lighten up a rifle and save users money over buying multiples of the same accessory.



Wyatt Johnson

Wyatt has been writing articles and running RealisticPreparedness since 2012. Bushcraft, fieldcraft, personal defense, and urban survival are all areas of interest. He is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

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