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MTM Ammo Crate

MTM AC4C Ammo Crate (4-Can)

Check out our review of the MTM 4-Can Ammo Crate if you are not familiar with the design. Otherwise, Amazon has them on sale right now for eighteen dollar and change. They usually run twenty-five bucks a set and are a great organizational tool. If you are one of those guys who loves to label, there are vinyl caliber decals sheets available for 9mm,  5.56, .22LR, 45ACP and 7.62.

Rebel Silencers .22LR Suppressor for $99

Rebel Silencers is a new company that just launched their first product, the Rebel 22 rimfire can for only $99. Almost all modern suppressors fall into a few different design families. Rebel has chosen to go with a baffle system that makes the Rebel 22 a cousin to models like the Silencerco Spectre II and Coastal Ultima 22, so in this case inexpensive does not necessarily mean cheap.