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Kaw Valley AR Dimpling Jig Review

  When building an AR15, attaching the gas block to the barrel is often one of the most challenging tasks. The idea of taking a drill to a brand new barrel can be more than a little disconcerting. The Kaw Valley Precision AR-15 Gas Block Dimpling Jig takes the stress out of the process of dimpling a barrel for set screw gas blocks.

Midwest Industries Combat Rail Handguard Review

Midwest Industries Combat Rail Handguard Review

The new Midwest Industries Combat Rail Handguards are the latest update to the MI product line and they definitely share DNA with the previous generations. However, there are a few important changes that are clear upgrades from just a few years ago. What has not changed is that they are still entirely made in the United States and are extremely easy to install.

MTM Ammo Crate

MTM 4-Can Ammo Crate Review

  As part of a larger “get organized” mission, I’ve been working on sorting through and optimizing some supplies, including ammunition. Ammo tends to be rather awkward to store or transport, due to its weight, need to stay totally dry and keep sorted by caliber. The MTM 4-Can Ammo Crate is the best way that I’ve found so far to solve these issues.

Protac HL USB

Protac HL USB Flashlight Review

  One of Streamlight’s most interesting models, which we’ve had the opportunity to bang around and take everywhere for the last few months, is the ProTac HL USB.  While the ProTac is as bright and durable as many other tactical flashlights, what sets it apart from the crowd is the ability to run off of three different power options.

Wheeler Bolt Catch Tool

Wheeler AR15 Bolt Catch Install Tool Kit Review

  Many home AR15 builders would agree that the hardest part of building an AR lower is installing the bolt catch. Pushing a roll pin into a hole isn’t difficult, but the design of the AR’s lower puts the assembly in, to say the least, an awkward position. The challenge is getting everything in the right place without scratches adding character to otherwise new parts. Wheeler’s Bolt Catch Install Tool Kit is specifically designed for this job.

OST Wrench

OST Wrench Review

One of the tradeoffs with the AR15’s direct impingement gas system is that they tend to run better when regularly given a little love. Since the gas tube is venting directly into the bolt carrier, regular cleaning is important. The OST Wrench fills the need for a small but tough field tool for help with the basic maintenance and cleaning of the AR15 platform.

Magpul UBR Gen2 Stock

Magpul UBR Gen2 Stock Review

By many accounts, the AR15 is the most popular gun in the United States. Most of the ARs out there either fall into the fixed rifle variety or one of the variations of collapsible carbine style. Magpul’s UBR Gen2 was designed with the goal of getting the best of both stock types in a single system, so there would be a collapsible carbine stock with the durability and stability usually only found in the fixed rifle designs.

Wheeler AR15 Pivot Pin Install Tool Review

One of the more frustrating tasks when building an AR15 lower is trying to install the pivot pin. The challenge is that the spring puts enough pressure on the detent to launch it across the room and this has to be held out of the way while the pin is inserted. The Wheeler Pivot Pin Install Tool and other similar tools which work the same way, make this task much easier.  

Realoading Presses

How To Pick A Reloading Press

To many folks who are looking to start reloading, one of the hardest decisions is deciding how to pick a reloading press. The options cover a wide range of price points, but some of the different models look very similar. The good news is that there are not a lot of junk products for sale in the reloading world, so it is difficult to make a really bad choice. However, deciding on your reloading goals...

Hawk 982 Disassembly

IAC Hawk 982 / 982T Disassembly

  The IAC Hawk 981R, 982 and 982T shotguns are arguably one of the best home defense values on the market. These are all Norinco’s versions of the Remington 870 with either an optics rail, ghost ring sights or a pistol grip stock, respectively. But, rather than just being a cheap Chinese throwaway, they include a machined steel extractor and metal trigger guard, which are hard to find on the budget minded Remingtons. That said,...