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Install Midwest Industries Trigger

Midwest Industries Enhanced AR15 Flat Trigger Review

The AR15 has grown into the most customizable and most popular rifle in the country. While some upgrade are mostly cosmetic, one of the easiest ways to make a rifle easier to shoot well is to upgrade the budget minded, often lawyer approved factory trigger. Midwest Industries has added another contender to the list of trigger options with their Enhanced AR15 Flat Trigger. This is a cartridge style trigger with an anodized aluminum frame that...

Modern Survival Food Options

Modern Survival Food Options To Stock Your Preparedness Pantry

There are more modern survival food options to stock your preparedness pantry than ever before. This gives us lots of different ways to keep food on the table, even when the lights go out or the delivery trucks stop running. To make planning easier, we are going to break all the options down into different categories, sorted by ease of preparation, and cover the use case for each one. This will let you decide what...

Mantis Blackbeard Installed For Laser Academy

Mantis Laser Academy Review With The Blackbeard AR Dry Fire System

 With the rising cost and limited availability of ammo, getting in some range time has become more difficult over the last year. One fun solution to this problem is laser based training using the Mantis Laser Academy Training System and the Mantis Blackbeard AR-15 Trigger Auto Reset System. We had a few weeks to get these into the hands of about a half dozen different shooters of both genders and various skill levels in order...

How to Use a Pistol Mounted Tactical Flashlight

How To Use Pistol Mounted Tactical Flashlights – Getting Started

One of the basic rules of firearms safety is to identify your target and what lies beyond it. This gets more challenging after dark. Using tactical flashlights mounted to a firearm is one of the simplest ways to improve the nighttime target identification of possible threats and potentially avoid problems. Modern weapon lights have a high enough output to not only light up but temporarily disorient a potential threat. One of the main reasons that...

LAPG TBFK S35VN EDC Folding Knife

LAPG TBFK S35VN EDC Folding Knife Review

Picking out the right pocket knife is all about finding the right balance of features for a given price point. These days there are literally hundreds of choices just a website order away. LAPG has been marketing in-house designs for the last few years with the goal of cutting out the middle man to provide a really competitive value to the end-user, as seen with the TBFK S35VN EDC Folding Knife. It is clear from...

Ultimate 10/22 Build Survival Rifle With Suppressor

Building The 10/22 Into A Custom 22LR Survival Rifle

The Ruger 10/22 has become the standard for 22LR semiautos over the last fifty years. However, Ruger definitely makes this rifle to a specific price point, with some rough edges and room for improvements. Building a 10/22 into a custom 22LR survival rifle takes some picking and choosing, with aftermarket parts available for basically every piece of the gun. But, this is also what makes building a 10/22 the perfect rifle to try your hand...

FAB Defense RAPS Stock Review

FAB Defense RAPS Stock Install Guide and Review

FAB Defense, an Israeli company that supplies the military, recently released the Rapid Adjustable Precision Stock for AR-15 platforms. The RAPS stock uses the “1Latch” pull-down/fold-out style locking mechanism for both the cheek rest and length of pull adjustments. It is designed to be both lightweight, simple to use and comes with adapters for both rifle and carbine length buffer tubes. The length of pull adjustment range is from 14.8 to 16.14 inches, which was...

Ammo Buying Basics

Ammo Buying Basics – What You Need To Know

  Whether you are taking your first stroll down the ammunition aisle at the local gun store or shopping online to stock up, buying ammo can be confusing. In order to make this a little easier, we are going to take a quick look at some of the current options and terminology to help you get a better understanding of what is on the shelf. Let’s take a look at some general terms that show...

Midwest Industries Offset QD Scope Mount Review

  Adding optics is an easy way to take your AR15 to the next level in regards to range and accuracy.  The Midwest Industries Offset QD Scope Mount, MI-QD30SM-BLK, is one of the best designed quick detach mounting systems that we have seen. It is a solid solution for locking a 30mm optic to your top rail.     The MI Offset QD Mount has clearly been created with durability in mind. The base of...

Fostech Echo AR-II Trigger

Seven Step Install Guide and Range Review For The Fostech Echo AR-II Trigger

Many of the AR lowers for sale today have an unused third position on the safety selector. “Safe” and “Fire” make perfect sense, but what about that wasted option that is sometimes blank, given a pictogram or labeled “Undead”? The Fostech Echo AR-II trigger gives shooters a way to take advantage of this often wasted setting with the Echo shooting mode, which fires the rifle on both trigger pull and again on trigger release.