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Now on Parler and Gab

RealisticPreparedness Is Now On Parler and Gab

After decisions against the freedom of ideas by other platforms, we can now be found at and No social media platform is perfect, but these two seem to be the best options at the moment. They currently offer the most level playing field for sharing information and debating ideas. We hope to see you there soon.

RP Leaving Twitter and Facebook Is Leaving Twitter & Facebook

The Internet was started to share information and grew as a way to give a voice to everyone, even folks that we might disagree with sometimes. There are benefits in discussing ideas that can be unpopular or wrong. We cannot help promote censorship of opinion and will be moving away from Twitter and Facebook due to their recent choices. This includes no longer using our pages with both platforms. We can now be found at...

Gear Deals of The Week

Here are the current deals and discounts on survival and preparedness related gear that are available. The standouts this week are Aero Precision is running a 10% off of your entire first purchase, Brownells running a free shipping special…

Shot Show 2017 – Day Three

It is day three of the 2017 SHOT Show and we are focusing on the second floor today, which is where the larger companies have their displays. Our goal, once again, is to hunt down some of the new and interesting products at the show, while trying to hunt up a few “hidden gems”.

SHOT Show 2017 – Day Two

It is day two of the 2017 SHOT Show and there are still miles of products to see. Today we are once again sharing some of the new and interesting products out there, while trying to hunt up a few “hidden gems” of the show.

SHOT Show 2017 – Day One

This year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas is once again raising the bar as the largest yet, with 1,600 exhibitors. This works out to about twelve and a half miles of isles to walk. Once again, the predominant weapons system seems to be the beloved AR15 and all of the big players in the firearms industry are present. So, we thought that we’d start off with a list that is focused on new and interesting...

Should You Arm Yourself For Emergencies?

We are fortunate to live in a country where most communities have police, fire and other emergency services just a phone call away. In mere minutes, helpful people can be at your house to arrest scary individuals, capture sick or injured animals, rescue children or jump start an ill heart. But, based on a number of recent discussions, it seems that more folks are doing the simple math and realizing that in a disaster or...

Council Tool Velvicut

Survival Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Some guys are hard to shop for, as it seems that they already have one of everything. Others have complex or uncommon hobbies that make gift hunting quite a challenge. So, if there is someone on your Father’s Day list that is interested in anything from wilderness survival to disaster preparedness, the following six survival gift ideas, that you may not have thought about, could help you pick a winner this year. They are all available...

Our Fragile Infrastructure

Our Fragile Infrastructure

Verne Kopytoff’s article on The Importance of Disaster Plans highlights the reactive nature of people and business to disaster preparedness. One Florida hospital decided to start making plans for the likely disasters in their area: “In 2004 we had what we called the hurricane trifecta—Charlie, Francis, and Jeanne,” says Robert Goodman, disaster recovery coordinator for Florida Hospital. “The hurricanes got our management’s attention.” The take home message should be that it took not one or...

Food and Fear

Food and Fear

Lauren Kirchner’s article from this morning makes the point that there is a growing industry to support the increasing number of people who are interested in some flavor of preparedness, survivalism or prepping. She focuses much of her writing on the marketing of food storage and we agreed with some of her opinions in our own article last month. In short, the overzealous marketing of long term storage foods is often ridiculous and much of...