Preparedness and Survival Gifts – Holiday Shopping Ideas 2012

It is hard enough to find the right Christmas present for the important people in your life. What do you get the person who is interested in preparedness, survival or a similar hobby? We’ve put some good, useful suggestions together below, broken down by price point. We’ve found deals, whenever possible, to help you maximize your gift giving dollars and all of our recommendations are less than $100.


$25.00 or less 

Just be glad you didn’t get a lump of coal….again

The Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family, 3rd Edition is one of the better “catch all” books on disaster preparedness that we’ve found. This would be a good pick for a family member or neighbor who is interested in preparedness, but needs some direction and a friendly nudge to get started.


The Reliance Luggable Loo is somewhere between a useful item and a gag gift. You could fill it with toilet paper, trash bags and such to be a useful sanitation package. Or, as a gag gift, put the supplies in the bottom half of the five gallon bucket, cover them with a food grade liner and then fill the top part of the bucket with caramel popcorn. Toiletcorn….Yum!


 The Zippo All In One Kit comes with the lighter, fluid and flints. It is both classy and a great little fire starter.


Maxpedition E.D.C. Pocket OrganizerThe Maxpedition E.D.C. Pocket Organizer is a great way to organize “every day carry” items for work or to put together a small survival or pocket-sized get home kit. There is also a smaller version: Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer and a larger version: Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer of this item, as well. If you aren’t sure which one to pick, the original E.D.C version is a good size for cargo pants pockets, the Mini is more coat pocket-sized and the Fatty is at home in a pack or laptop bag.


 A Nalgene 32oz Water Bottle could become a good, but useful little gift basket. You could fill it with  King Leo Soft Peppermints for the seasonal sweet tooth or add an assortment of small items, like a keychain flashlight, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, etc for a workplace survival kit. The Nalgene is also one of the few water bottles I’ve ever owned that never leaks.



$50.00 or less 

Better than fruitcake

The Char-Broil Tabletop Grill is the same one we use in our Preparedness recipes. It is inexpensive and heats evenly. It runs on the common green propane cylinders. When not in use, the legs fold out-of-the-way for easy storage.


  A Maxpedition Ferox Folding Knife would be a good choice for an everyday carry knife. In our recent article on affordable folders, it came out as our all around favorite in the tests.


 Emberlit Stainless



 The Emberlit Stove burns pieces of found wood, like sticks and twigs, and comes apart to pack flat.


Inova X2DM-HT Dual High/Low Mode Flashlight with White LED and 2 AA Batteries, Titanium The Inova X2DM-HT is a simple, yet solid LED flashlight that runs on two common AA batteries. It has both a high and a low power output mode and a “lockout” setting on the switch, so that it won’t turn itself on in a pack, purse or pocket.


Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp The Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp can put out three different levels of light and give the user a way to see what they are doing, while keeping both hands free. Think of this gift as just buying your way out of having to help take down the Christmas decorations outside, in the dark.


Less Than $100.00

Someone really loves you….or is scared of what you know


MSR MiniWorks EX MicrofilterThe MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter turns dirty water into something that you can drink and not die of dysentery like your spouse always did when I played the Oregon Trail computer game as a kid. If I’d of had one of these in my wagon, there is no telling how many digital family members I could have saved. But, it uses a filter than you can clean, so it will last a long time, is easy to pump and screws to the top of a Nalgene bottle, so you can actually use it with just two hands.


Kindle e-readerAmazon’s 6″ Kindle provides a way to keep a variety of books stored together in a small space, with better battery life than a smart phone or one of the color tablets. There are tons of free books available and this will also let you access your collection of MS Word Docs and pdf files, as long as the formatting isn’t too funky.


550LB Military 7 Strand Nylon Paracord Rope Spool - 1000 FeetNothing says “I get that you are an outdoors nut” like a A Whole Spool of Paracord. This is, without a doubt, some of the best rope ever devised by man. It has been made into bracelets, can be used to hold up emergency shelter, lash together a bridge and about a million other things. A full 1000 foot roll would truly be an unexpected surprise and is a good option for “the person who has everything”.


The Nesco FD-75A Food Dehydrator will turn fruit into tasty gravel pieces that kids will eat as a healthy snack without complaining (mine sure do). It also gives you a way to make your own beef jerky, which is just amazing and cheaper than what the grocery store charges for a small bag. You are not just getting them a kitchen gadget, you are buying them an endless pile of their own custom jerky.


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