InLine Fabrication Ultramount Review

  As the hobby of reloading grows, more folks are joining up who do not have a traditional reloading bench. InLine Fabrication’s Ultramount is not only a riser for traditional bench setups but also can make it easier to reload from an apartment, out of the back of a truck or off of the kitchen table. It is easy to assemble with only two tools and about five minutes of spare time.  

Teepee Fire

Fire Building – Learn The Teepee Fire Lay

  A big part of making it easy to start a warm fire lies in the proper arrangement of the wood. Packing the fuel too tightly limits airflow and suffocates the flames. Not enough fuel will cause the fire to die out prematurely. One of the easiest and most effective fire lays to learn is the teepee style, but there are a few tricks that go into the build.

Olight S1A Baton Review

Single battery pocket flashlights are becoming increasingly common as they evolve with more features, higher output and longer run times. The Olight S1A Baton, which we’ve been testing for the last few months, checks all of these boxes. It is the first light of this size that we have seen which can output 600 lumens.

Ulfhednar Large Range Bag – New to the USA!

  Shooting sports supplier Ulfhednar of Norway brought their large range bag to the USA at the 2017 SHOT Show.  We were immediately attracted to the bag because of its size (23 x 15 x 10), quality, and design features.  This top notch range bag is much more convenient and versatile than a plastic container and is almost a requirement for the serious firearms enthusiast.  The shooter who occasionally heads to the woods with his firearm...

Shot Show 2017 – Day Three

It is day three of the 2017 SHOT Show and we are focusing on the second floor today, which is where the larger companies have their displays. Our goal, once again, is to hunt down some of the new and interesting products at the show, while trying to hunt up a few “hidden gems”.

SHOT Show 2017 – Day Two

It is day two of the 2017 SHOT Show and there are still miles of products to see. Today we are once again sharing some of the new and interesting products out there, while trying to hunt up a few “hidden gems” of the show.

SHOT Show 2017 – Day One

This year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas is once again raising the bar as the largest yet, with 1,600 exhibitors. This works out to about twelve and a half miles of isles to walk. Once again, the predominant weapons system seems to be the beloved AR15 and all of the big players in the firearms industry are present. So, we thought that we’d start off with a list that is focused on new and interesting...

Hiperfire Hipergrip

Hiperfire Hipergrip Review

At last year’s SHOT Show, Hiperfire had some pre-production samples of their Hipergrip on display for folks to check out. At the time, I remember thinking how surprisingly comfortable the grip design actually was when held. Since then, my AR has been patiently waiting for another upgrade until this was released.