Food Storage Concerns and Common Choices

Survival Food Storage Options Part Two

Food Storage Concerns and Common Choices

People have commonly stored food, except for in about the last fifty years. Advances in packaging make food storage much easier than it was in the past.  We are working to protect food from heat, light, oxygen, moisture and pests to maximize it’s shelf life.

With modern technology, What are the most common choices?

MREs –

Complete packaged meals, originally created by the military.

There is a lot of variety in MREs with multiple manufacturers making civilian and military types.

Dehydrated/Freeze Dried –

Dehydration uses heat to dry food, can be done at home with a countertop dehydrator.

Freeze dried uses huge machines and cold to dry food, which is more expensive, but often a bit better results.

Food Storage Rotation  –

This can be done using home grown or grocery store goods to create a food reserve.

It works best when following a storage plan, but just buying extra of what you already eat is common.

You can combine different types of food storage:   pantry food you normally eat, reserve food in closet, small vehicle supply, snacks for every day carry supply and a realistic bug out bag supply.

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