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InLine Fabrication Ultramount Review

  As the hobby of reloading grows, more folks are joining up who do not have a traditional reloading bench. InLine Fabrication’s Ultramount is not only a riser for traditional bench setups but also can make it easier to reload from an apartment, out of the back of a truck or off of the kitchen table. It is easy to assemble with only two tools and about five minutes of spare time.  

Olight S1A Baton Review

Single battery pocket flashlights are becoming increasingly common as they evolve with more features, higher output and longer run times. The Olight S1A Baton, which we’ve been testing for the last few months, checks all of these boxes. It is the first light of this size that we have seen which can output 600 lumens.

Ulfhednar Large Range Bag – New to the USA!

  Shooting sports supplier Ulfhednar of Norway brought their large range bag to the USA at the 2017 SHOT Show.  We were immediately attracted to the bag because of its size (23 x 15 x 10), quality, and design features.  This top notch range bag is much more convenient and versatile than a plastic container and is almost a requirement for the serious firearms enthusiast.  The shooter who occasionally heads to the woods with his firearm...

Hiperfire Hipergrip

Hiperfire Hipergrip Review

At last year’s SHOT Show, Hiperfire had some pre-production samples of their Hipergrip on display for folks to check out. At the time, I remember thinking how surprisingly comfortable the grip design actually was when held. Since then, my AR has been patiently waiting for another upgrade until this was released.

Enhanced Nickel Teflon Trigger Assembly Review

Even with an armload of aftermarket options out there, the standard USGI trigger parts are still found in most factory guns.  This is largely due to their low price point and a track record of reliability. However, these factory parts can produce a gritty, heavy trigger pull and still be considered in spec. Right To Bear Arms recently released their Enhanced Nickel Teflon Trigger Assembly, which is a very budget friendly revision to the standard AR...

Spyderco Delica

Spyderco Delica … 25 Years Later

I still remember the excitement of walking into the local hardware store almost twenty five years ago with a wad of small bills and some change jingling in my pocket and leaving with a brand new Sypderco Delica. All throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s that little Delica went on countless trips and saw parts of at least a dozen states. Other than some scratches, with interesting stories, it still cleans up well and...

Otis Imod 2

Otis I-MOD Cleaning System Review

I don’t think that there are two people who would give the exact same answer if asked “what is the best way to clean your guns”. Usually, no asking is required, as folks are happy to share their cleaning wisdom and home brewed trade secrets. One of the names that you’ll hear mentioned often, though is Otis Technology, since they invited the flexible rod cleaning kit that is roughly the size of a tuna fish...


MantisX Review

The only secret that I’ve ever found to shooting over the years has been consistent practice of the fundamentals. Just like most folks, though, I don’t have a range in my backyard, so not every day involves trigger time. This makes it important to maximize the usefulness of all the range time when it does happen, which is the idea behind the MantisX firearms training aide.

Valley Food Storage Review

Valley Food Storage Review

Valley Food Storage is one of the newer companies to start making pouch meals designed for emergency use and long term storage. Anyone who has ever tried freeze dried or dehydrated food, such as some of the more heavily advertised companies that we covered in our last pouched meal review, knows that there is a good bit of variation out there. VFS was started with the idea of using better ingredients with no “added preservatives,...

DMR Trigger Review

KE Arms DMR Trigger Review

Trigger upgrades for the AR15 is almost an industry unto itself. There are enough options to fill a range bag, but without a doubt the easiest type to work with is the drop-in style, such as the KE Arms DMR trigger. One nice thing about this design is that the outer shell holds the hammer, trigger and disconnector together as a single unit. This design offers multiple advantages, including ease of installation and parts that...